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  No COVID-19 in Our Name  

COVID-19 vaccine, treatment and testing availability are a defining human rights crisis of this century. Artists and creators are penning an open letter to call for the sharing of life saving medical technology.

Letter Text

To all associations and individuals who oppose sharing life-saving pandemic technology:

You do not represent us.

Access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatment, and testing are a defining human rights crisis of this century. We applaud global leaders who are speaking up to save lives. As Senator Bernie Sanders said, countless lives must come before pharmaceutical company profits.

Thanks to the hard work of a global campaign, and despite pressure from big pharma, the US entered negotiations to share life saving technologies in May. We are appalled that major film, publishing, and music associations tried to stop this from happening. These groups discouraged the US from sharing life saving treatment with countries in need, using false arguments based on copyright laws for our creative works. We fear that these groups will continue to lobby in our names to hinder this urgent process upon which many of our livelihoods depend.

We are joining the following groups that support quick action on a World Trade Organization (WTO) waiver that allows sharing of COVID-19 related health technologies: a coalition of over 100 countries; the majority of House Democrats; frontline labor unions like National Nurses United, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, and the American Federation of Teachers; and hundreds of internationally recognized organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the ACLU.

Everyone must receive access as soon as possible to the knowledge and tools that will save lives from COVID-19: from vaccines and ventilators to medical technology, designs, and knowledge. Without an emergency waiver at the WTO of the intellectual property rights that block sharing these resources, many countries may not receive meaningful access to COVID-19 vaccines until as late as 2024—if at all. This is unacceptable. We need to immediately share knowledge and technology before devastating new variants kill even more people.

Sharing life saving technology will not harm musicians, actors, writers, or other creative professionals. In fact, it will save many of us who live in countries throughout the world, while also allowing us to once again travel, perform, and share our creative work with the world. It is absurd that some of the associations that claim to represent creators’ interests are instead fighting for big pharma. To be clear, the proposed waiver text will not harm creators. The waiver never targeted creators, and the latest draft has further clarified that it is only for health products and technologies. The proposal will waive intellectual property protections only for the prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19. The waiver does not impact creative works such as music, films, and books in any way. We fully support waivers on all four provisions of intellectual property that will help end the pandemic, because each provision is essential to stop COVID-19. Waiving patent rights alone cannot save lives if the design and knowledge to use them is not shared too.

In solidarity with billions of people around the world, we demand that representatives from artist and creator associations immediately stop any lobbying efforts to weaken, delay or disrupt the COVID-19 TRIPS Waiver at the WTO.


The Undersigned

Sign the Letter
A.O. Gerber
Abby Weems
Adam Bainbridge
Ade Hughes
Adela Stammerjohan
Alan J. Fisher
Alana Evans
Aleph Bright
Alex Foix
Alex Penland
Alicia Roman
Alma Alexander
Amanda Palmer
Amie White
Amy Jo Cousins
Angela Jogno
Angela Vroom Givant
Anindita Sengupta
Anita Smith
Ann Rubi
Anthony Charles Wojnar
Anthony James Gramuglia
Anthony Ryan
Aram Sinnreich
Arjun Gupta
Bartees Strange
Beatrice Schares
Ben Potrykus
Ben Sollee
Benjamin Caviness
Benjamin Reed
Bennett Hixson
Beverly Deutsch
Brad Criswell
Braden Duncan
Brandon Ortega
Brian Brcka
Caitlin C.
Camille de Rougemont
Cara DiGirolamo
Carrie Baize
Cassie Alexander
Catherine Moore
Cecile Tellier
Chaitanya Chinta
Charlie Human
Christian A Young
Christopher King
Cory Doctorow
Courtney Milan
Craig Wolf
D. E. Wright
D.J. Sylvis
Dani Deahl
Danielle Lucas
Dara Hincapié
Darin Bradley
David Demchuk
David Sirota
David Su
David Wain
David Wallace
Debra Messing
Denise M LaMont
Diane Shipley
Donald L Borenstein
Douglas Blackie
Duncan Eagleson
E.C. Myers
Eamon Fogarty
Ed Quiggle, Jr.
Effie Seiberg
EJ Baker
Eli Sanchez
Eli Valley
Elian Chali
Elizabeth Crawford
Elly Bangs
Emilio Castro
Emily Robinson
Eric Edmondson
Eric Jackson
Erik Leroy
Erik Valdez
Erin Cowgill
fahim khan tameem
Festival La Ilusión
Garrett Burnett
Gary W. Olson
Gillian McCary
Ginger Brown
Gordon Dymowski
Graham Jewell
H. Alvarez
Harry and the Potters
Helder Mira
I.D. Campbell
Isaac Lubow`
Isobel Carr
Jack Matirko
Jackson Scheerer
Jaime Lutz
Jake Heller
James D'Amato
James Spencer Valentine
Jana Hunter
Jason Arnett
Jason McBride
Jeanette R Wall
Jeffrey Dean
Jennifer Woodings
Jeremy Leroux
Jesse P. Pollack
Jessica Moskowitz
Joe McMahon (Equinox Deschanel)
John Beaumont
John Bierce
John George Bauer-Buis
Jolie Holland
Jonathan Mendoza
Joseph Brueggemeyer
Joyce Celeste Silvia Fisher
Julianna Douglas
June Carroll
Justin Oeffler
K L Mitchell
Kaity Mueller
Kate Youmans
Kathleen Hanna
Katie Rahhal
Katie Stomps
Katrine Buch Mortensen
Kelly Eddington
Kelly Moran
Ken Huntington
Ken Vandermark
Kimberley Scribe
Kit Fryatt
Kit Tompkins
Kliph Scurlock
Kris Taylor
Kristianna W GISCHER
Laraib TahirKheli
Laura Aguiar
Laura Alarcon
Laura Kidd
Laura Michelle
Lee Sandwina
Liana Brooks
Lilly Wachowski
lindsey richter
Liz Duffy Adams
Lori B Nemec
Louis Ramirez
Lucas Adler
Lyra Pramuk
M. Epstein
Malak Gorcrow
Marcos Marado
Mari Adkins
Maria Minerva
Mark Ruffalo
Marnanel Thurman
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Oma Keeling
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Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Pete Sandifer
Peter Bergel
Phoebe Barton
Pietari "Awaclus" Virtanen
Pixie Moonbeam
Pol Radaemon
Q Hazlewood
Quinn Myers
Rachal Marquez Jones
Rachel Green
Racheline Maltese
Ralph Bogard
rax king
Rebecca Lamey
Ricardo Juchem
Richard O’Brien
Rick Louie
Rohan M Williams
Ron Placone
Ronya F. McCool
Ruben Vreeken
Ryan Houlihan
Sadie Dupuis - Speedy Ortiz, Sad13
Sam Downie
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Sami Shah
Sarah payan
Sarah Perchikoff
Sarah Solomon
Scix Maddix
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Shana Carter
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